About us

About us
Access to information is inevitable. We offer solutions that connects people and information in a safe and practical way.

We are focused on developing, integrating, implementing and customizing cybersecurity solutions.

We act as partners selling and delivering specialized services in the disciplines of Privileged Access Management, Identity Governance and Management, User Authentication and API's Secure Management.

We have as a differential the ability to develop customizations and flexibility to meet the individual needs of business and IT with the best practices in the market.

specialized cybersecurity solutions

Our essence

Challenges known as impossible make us unique as a company. We strive to deliver our best as part of the solution. Working as a team, we push ourselves to the unimaginable

We have achieved and delivered great results that combine quality software solutions and security-focused knowledge to protect and drive business.

Icon Vision


Be a global reference in the application of technology for security and data protection in any personal or corporate environment.

Icon Mission


Our mission is to protect users, data and reputation through security technologies.

Icon Values


Responsibility and Transparency - as a duty and a way of building trust

Team work spirit - together we can go further

Hard work - Great goals are achieved with consistent deliverables

Excellence - we do what must be done for the best result

Discipline - it's our strategy to go beyond

IT Lovers - We're in love with what we do

Ethics - we are guided by what is right and just