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The solution is capable of performing a rich risk analysis, taking into account for example, device identification, geolocation and user behavior profiles. In addition, the solution provides a portal for publishing and managing APIs, making it easier to manage relationships with developers, partners and third parties. As well as the possibility of exposing these services to several external channels, in a secure way, ensuring their correct functioning, consumption and protection against vulnerabilities that threaten the internal network of the institution


  • Simplified publishing and consulting of APIs for developers and offering enterprise data access to accelerate application development
  • Orchestration, transformation, monitoring and full API life cycle support
  • Resilience and high performance in API request processing
  • The combination of convenience and security in the adoption of strong authentication methods for applications through software, including unique device identification and real-time access risk analysis
  • Excellence in risk analysis and simplified publishing of APIs

Excelência na análise de risco e detecção simplificada de APIS

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