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The Directory solution helps organizations deliver superior experience and security for on-premise and cloud applications. Providing high availability, reliability, scalability and performance. It also helps to meet the needs of applications with reduced hardware costs.

Key Features

  • Exceptional read and write performance - Ability to perform operations at rates up to 20,000 modifications or searches per second on entry-level hardware.
  • High scalability - expandable to millions of users and one billion entries with the distribution of data across any number of servers.
  • Strong security - support for strong authentication; HSMs (Hardware Security Modules); advanced password policies; minute access controls based on roles and rules; encryption of SSL and TLS links, and all common password hash patterns, including SHA-2.
  • Replication for all master nodes - write-through replication eliminates the need for primary backup, thus improving performance.
  • Automatic recovery - continuous fault tolerance and failback capabilities with automatic resynchronization.

Main Benefits

  • Provides scalability with no exorbitant hardware costs.
  • Meets the needs of new, dynamic business applications.
  • Improves operational efficiency by consolidating data islands into a single information backbone.
  • Provides a highly responsive, always-available experience for your cloud and on-premise application users