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SDA is a specialist solution that enables security in accessing online businesses from any device and without jeopardizing the user experience.

For a company to grow, it needs to offer applications and portals that are simple to use - after all, the world is already complicated enough - and APIs that are easy to integrate with business partners - because agility is what counts in the construction and availability of new products and services.

However, it is also necessary to prevent risks related to information leaks on the connection, vulnerabilities in the source code of apps and APIs, access by fraudsters, password theft, and attempts to attack exposed services, whether they are in their own data center or third-party, private or even public cloud.

On this platform, your business APIs are exposed to the different access channels securely, from an elastic access gateway (made available in your datacenter or any cloud platform), together with security libraries embedded in applications and portals.


  • Brings robustness and resilience, eliminating undue, excessive or malicious calls to APIs
  • It allows to establish mutual trust between Device, User and Application, establishing secure, encrypted and individualized access channels, through techniques such as Mutual TLS, Certificate Pinning, authentication/authorization via OAuth, among others
  • Performs risk assessment on access in real time, taking into account factors such as "fingerprint/unique identification" of devices, geolocation, and user behavior and its transactions, in a transparent way.
  • Offers strong authentication, using OTP tokens (unique password) to users, combined with authentication of the device and access channel, transparently, and aligned to the risk of the transaction, that is, after the start of the session, a new authentication is required only on suspicious behavior/transactions. If a channel or device is considered to be high risk, the session is not even allowed.

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SDA - Secure Digital Access API+Advanced Authentication
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