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The Secure Digital Bank project aims to provide companies in the financial sector with features such as webservices, authentication methods based on risk analysis, device identification, geolocation and user behavioral profiles. In addition, the solution will ensure that the services offered to customers of these companies through their various channels are exposed in a secure manner, ensuring their correct operation, consumption and protection against vulnerabilities, mitigating threats to the internal network of institutions and sensitive information of its customers.


  • Security
  • Orchestration, transformation, monitoring and full API life cycle support
  • Resilience and high performance in API request processing
  • The combination of convenience and security in the adoption of strong authentication methods for applications through software, including unique device identification and real-time access risk analysis.
  • Support for open standards-related APIs (REST, SOAP, OAuth, SAML, JWT ...) and strong authentication (OATH, OCRA, RADIUS ...)

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