SIBIP - Secure identity-Based Integrated Platform

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SIBIP - Secure identity Based Integrated Platform

SIBIP is a solution that provides a secure experience, based on user identities, from any device, so they can access data reliably in traditional, integrated environments or in a cloud.

At the same time that new laws and regulations require managers to protect their customers' data, it is necessary to give them guarantees against possible leaks and create structures that allow you to respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

The platform is made up of cutting-edge security solutions and monitoring of information and can be implemented in a modular way or complete, according to the maturity level of each client. SIBIP includes specialized services in order to accelerate the adoption of technologies, optimizing the achievement of your business challenges.

In addition, it allows you to protect your business, leverage and streamline the process of digital transformation with security and comply with the most important regulations on the market.

Secure identity Based Integrated Platform


  • Secure access management;
  • Identity governance;
  • Identification of internal threats;
  • Detection of advanced threats;
  • Privileged access management;
  • Cloud protection;
  • Compliance maintenance;
  • Speed in responding to incidents;
  • Maximizing security tools with orchestration.