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The solution offers secure single sign-on, flexible access management to applications and web services, on-premise, in the cloud, from a mobile device or on-site.

  • Accelerates application availability by offering an unparalleled range of options for managing application access
  • Improves security by providing an access layer with common policies that reduces the possibility of gaps in access policies.
  • Reduces cost of ownership by supporting traditional web applications, identity federation standards, and web service standards. All from a single integrated, high performance platform.

Key Features

  • Secure single sign-on - provides uninterrupted access to web applications, portals, and various security domains.
  • Open standards support - makes it easy to access cloud or internal applications through long-standing support for today's open standards.
  • Convenience of social media logon - helps application providers improve end-user experience by allowing visitors to use their social media identities to log on.
  • Enhanced Session Warranty with DeviceDNATM. Provides an industry-leading session security through patent-pending DeviceDNATM technology.
  • Active WS-Fed 1.2 profile - provides a secure, uninterrupted and enhanced user experience.
  • Policy-based authorization - enables you to create rules that allow you to grant or deny access to resources based on multiple variables.
  • Centralized session management - provides the crucial security capability of tightly controlling user’s online sessions.

Main Benefits

  • Promotes growth, innovation, and enterprise collaboration - Helps deploy and deliver secure access control to applications, efficiently
  • Enhances user productivity and experience - allows users to log in only once, giving them a secure, unified online experience.
  • It guides operational excellence - delivers consistent, centralized security management that supports multiple access methods and heterogeneous applications.
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